Excursions in the National Park offer a fascinating experience amidst a truly natural landscape. It is well worth visiting the National Park Centre before setting off.

Walking in an untouched natural environment, observing marmots close to, seeing edelweiss growing alongside the path, looking out for a sighting of a bearded vulture, chatting with a Park warden: these are unforgettable experiences.

The SNP has put together a vast amount of information with the aim of giving visitors a clear idea of how Nature interconnects; we hope this will encourage visitors to join us in protecting our natural environment.

Guided excursions, nature trails, teacher training courses, activities for children and youngsters, lectures, exhibitions, multimedia walking guides, and various publications: all these are elements of the SNP’s environmental awareness programme.

The new National Park Centre in Zernez offers a vast array of interactive, hands-on displays and activities, making it an ideal place for young and old to visit before or after a walk in the Park.