National Park team

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Ruedi Haller, Director
Flurin Filli, Operating and Monitoring Manager (until 31.12.2019)
Flurin Filli, Conservation and Natural Ressources Manager (from 01.01.2020)
Hans Lozza, Communications & PR Manager

Department Operating and Monitoring
Flurin Filli, Operating and Monitoring manager (until 31.12.2019)
Thomas Rempfler, Staff member Monitoring
Fadri Bott, Teamleader Park wardens
Andri Cuonz, Park warden
Curdin Eichholzer, Park warden
Domenic Godly, Park warden
Claudio Irniger, Park warden
Reto Strimer, Park warden
Not Armon Willy, Park warden
Flavio Cahenzli, Caretaker
Giuseppe Rinaldi, Assistant caretaker
Luisa de Azevedo Barbosa, Cleaner
Nina Lehner, Cleaner
Annastasia Parli, Cleaner
Marianne Caviezel, Vet/Biologist
Niculin Geer, Trail maintenance

Department Research and Monitoring
Sonja Wipf, Research and Monitoring Manager (from 01.01.2020)
Pia Anderwald, Researcher
Seraina Campell Andri, Research assistant
Tamara Estermann, Project staff
Christian Rossi, Research assistant
Samuel Wiesmann, Project staff
Lydia Buschauer, Librarian
Martina Shuler, Archivist

Department Communications and Public Relations
Hans Lozza, Communications & PR Manager
Anna Mathis, Public relations assistant
Andrea Millhäusler, Public relations assistant
Stefan Triebs, Public relations assistant
Stania Bunte, Information desk
Cornelia Jud, Information desk
Anna Lanz, Information desk
Barbara Reinalter, Information desk
Susanna Roth, Information desk
Laura Schiess, Information desk
Erica Stadler, Information desk

Central Services
Lilian Conrad, Accountant
Tobias Ebner, IT Support
Marco Forrer, IT Apprentice
Nahuel Ozan, IT Apprentice
Stania Bunte, Secretary
Seraina Campell Andri, Secretary
Kathrin Lüscher, Secretary

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