There are 14 national parks in the Alps, and numerous other protected areas.

The aim of ALPARC, the Network of Alpine Protected Areas, is to facilitate exchanges of expertise, techniques and methods among the managers of Alpine protected areas.

Since 1996 the Swiss National Park has actively taken part in various ALPARC projects.

The work falls under the following three main headings:

Thematic network
The primary objective of the ALPARC network is to promote and support the pooling of experience and know-how among personnel of Alpine protected areas on common thematics throughout the Alps.

Ecological Network (spatial)
One of the main aims of the Alpine Network of Protected Areas and the Alpine Convention is the creation of an ecological network.

Communication network
ALPARC also works to raise awareness among and provide information to the general public and local residents about the importance of the natural and cultural heritage in the Alps and the need to preserve that heritage.

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