More than any other animal, wolves figure in a large number of tales.

Who has not heard of Grimm’s Fairy Tales? As children we were all told the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the wicked wolf. Hunted without mercy, the wolf was exterminated in Switzerland by the end of the 19th century. The word «luf» (Rom.= wolf) sometimes occurs in local names, reminding us of its former presence in the region.

A few years ago, this highly adaptable pack animal succeeded in crossing from the Apennine peninsula into the French-Italian Alps. Several wolves have already migrated into Switzerland, and it is highly likely that they will find their way further to the east. One wolf has been living in the Surselva region of Graubünden for several years.

There will be no organised re-introduction of the bear, lynx or wolf in the National Park. Any individuals of these species that migrate into the Park are most welcome and are afforded total protection within the Park’s boundaries.