FAQ educational and private excursions

When is it possible to go on guided excursions?
The ideal routes for day-long excursions (01, 17, 19) are generally open from mid-June to the end of October. Route 13 (Champlönch) is usually open earlier.
The first snowfall can occur as early as October, which may necessitate changes in the route. Current information on the state of the paths can be found ►here.

Which routes are most suitable for a guided excursion?

What are the differences between the various routes?
The routes vary mainly in their length (see route descriptions) and the journey time from visitors’ locations to the setting-out point. Thematically, there is much to discover on all routes. Images and route information available on the website.
In autumn Val Trupchun is ideal for observing the rut of the red deer. The Margunet nature trail leads through the forest of the Pass dal Fuorn and offers spectacular views from Margunet. The fascinating, wild Val Mingèr valley, with its numerous cembra pines, is easily accessible from Scuol. The Champlönch route is somewhat shorter and is ideal for children (►Children’s trail, Champlönch).

How long does an excursion last?
A day excursion lasts 6-7 hours; at least half the time is spent walking (see route description) whilst the rest of the time is filled with observations, discussions and a picnic break. Further information available ►here (in German).

Can I book/cancel/postpone an excursion at short notice?
Bookings at short notice are problematical, for organisational reasons. We therefore ask you to book 1-3 months ahead. For last-minute bookings we offer tourist excursions in German (book by 5 pm on day before. German spoken!).
In cases of emergency, excursions can be cancelled or postponed up to 72 hours ahead of the date reserved, either by contacting the guide concerned or at the National Park Centre +41 81 851 41 41. Last minute cancellations (72 hours or less before the date reserved) or non-appearance will be charged 80% of the agreed tariff. 

Do excursions take place in all weathers?
Basically, yes!

How many people can I take with me on an excursion?
Per guide maximum 19 people; for 20 people or more there must be a second guide. The smaller the group, the more you benefit from the presence of your guide.

Where do I meet the guide?

  • 01 Alp Trupchun: Parking place Prasüras S-chanf (Bus stop S-chanf, Parc Naziunal, Engadinbus), or go to Parkhütte Varusch with the Alpintrans.
  • 17 Naturlehrpfad Margunet: Parking place P8 Ofenpasss road (Bus stop P8 Stabelchod, Postauto)
  • 19 Val Mingèr: Parking place Scuol Val Mingèr (Bus stop Scuol Val Mingèr, Postauto)
  • 13 Champlönch: Parking place P1 Ofenpasss road (Bus stop P1 Champlönch, Postauto)

Meeting point details can be arranged directly with the guide. To protect the environment, please arrive by public transport. General information on getting here can be found ►here.

What time do excursions start?
Guided excursions usually start between 8:00 and 10.00 am.

Can I hire binoculars?
Yes, you can hire binoculars from the National Park Centre in Zernez, for CHF 10.–/day.

How do I pay for the excursion?
Excursions are payable, in cash, to the guide.