Protection regulations

The SNP is one of the best protected areas in the Alps. Visitors are able to witness the dynamic processes that lend this landscape its unique character.

Extract from the National Park regulations:

  • it is strictly forbidden to leave the marked paths as well as the resting areas marked with posts
  • no litter
  • no natural object may be picked or removed: animals, plants, sticks, stones, etc.
  • dogs are not allowed in the Park, not even on a lead
  • entry in winter is forbidden (Designated wildlife area)
  • no winter sports, cycling or flying of any sort are permitted
  • bathing in lakes, pools, streams and rivers is not permitted
  • no camp fires
  • overnight stays are strictly forbidden, including in parked vehicles alongside the main Pass dal Fuorn (Ofenpass) road
  • Nature must be left undisturbed

The use of drones is also prohibited: see Civil Office of Aviation website

Park wardens are present to enforce the maintenance of the Park regulations and it is their duty to report any contraventions.

Around 120,000 people visit the Park each year; only if each visitor respects these regulations will everyone have an equal chance to observe the wonders of nature – now and for years to come.

Download National Park regulations (in German)