New National Park Exhibition

Since 3 June 2023

Wilderness in the centre

The leitmotiv of the completely new National Park exhibition is wilderness. Everything you experience here is not only genuinely wild, but also genuinely National Park.

A voyage of discovery through the exhibition rooms
In our exhibition rooms, you will be experiencing the National Park in all its facets.

  • New, partly unusual views and unique snapshots from the wildest corners of the Park.
  • Experience sounds and sights of nature unleashed – with you in the midst!
  • Interactive stations that offer insights into research projects: On the world of animals and plants, on the Spöl river, on climate change or the return of large carnivores. And much more.

Key moments
In a lively show you will be learning interesting things about milestones in the history of the National Park.

Wilderness – what about us?
What about your own conceptions of wilderness?
In what way would wilderness develop if you could determine the direction? It is questions like this that form a guide through the entire exhibition which culminates in an unexpected finale.

An exhibition for all 
The new National Park exhibition is an experience for all age groups and every level of interest.

  • Media guide in 5 languages (G/R/I/F/E)
  • Audio play for younger guests
  • Play stations for children below reading age

We look forward to your visit!