Temporary exhibition

A space for different requirements

On the ground floor of the visitor centre, next to the information area there is a further exhibition area that hosts temporary exhibitions as well as the multimedia displays of our five partner organizations.

Each season there will be one or two new exhibitions in this dynamic area.

Current exhibition: From May 26, 2020 to March 13, 2021

Hibernating – 31 great strategies

Three heartbeats per minute, antifreeze in the cell liquid – or would you prefer to head to the warm south?
In the course of evolution, animals and plants have developed a multitude of fascinating and extremely intelligent strategies to successfully survive cold, snow and short days.
In the new temporary exhibition of the Natural History Museum Lucerne we present 31 great strategies for plants, animals and fungi to successfully survive the winter. ►Further information (in german)


Next exhibition: From March 22, 2021 to March 12, 2022

The red fox – Hunter on silent paws

Thanks to its adaptability, the red fox is one of the most successful predators on earth.

Living among us as a cultural successor, the attitude of humans towards it is nevertheless very different. For some it is an irreplaceable health policeman and excellent mouse hunter, for others it is simply a hungry predator.

The exhibition of the Stilfserjoch National Park gives an insight into the biology and way of life of this widespread wild canid.

A second part shows the first, partly astonishing research results of the fox project launched in the Swiss National Park in 2016. The question is what will change for the red fox in the future with the return of the wolf.

►Further information (in german)