Temporary exhibition

A space for different requirements

On the ground floor of the visitor centre, next to the information area there is a further exhibition area that hosts temporary exhibitions as well as the multimedia displays of our five partner organizations.

Each season there will be one or two new exhibitions in this dynamic area.

Current exhibition: From May 1, 2019 to end of March 2020

The wolf is back!

The return of the wolf to the Alps affects all of us and it leads to divisive discussions. The exhibition lets various people talk about their experience with this wild animal. Opening on May 28, 7 p.m.

Hardly any other animal evokes more contrasting emotions in humans than the wolf. The exhibition 'The wolf is back. A human exhibition' at the Swiss National Park visitor centre in Zernez lets humans talk about their relationships with the wolf and provides an unconventional look into public opinion.

After an absence of over 100 years, wolves have been moving back into Switzerland from the western Alps since 1995. The first pack established itself at the Calanda near Chur in 2012 and has reproduced every year since. Female F18 has been resident in the National Park region since December 2016. Five more wolves have been genetically identified in the area over the last two years, and three packs lived in Switzerland in 2017/18. The return of the wolf concerns everyone. It's therefore time to take the necessary measures to enable a peaceful coexistence of humans and wolves. The exhibition which was created at the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern lets humans speak: eight people from different professional backgrounds give the wolf eight different voices. They talk about their own experiences with wolves and at the same time shed light on public opinion. Visitors are given the opportunity to take in different pictures and points of view away from everyday life and polarising discussions. The exhibition is thought-provoking and is intended to stimulate discussion. ►Further information (in german)