Educational Excursions

Experiencing nature is the main object of the Park’s excursions for children: finding things, observing plants and animals, making comparisons, using all our senses to take note of what’s around us.

Once their awareness is awakened, young people are generally convinced of the need to protect our environment. That is the challenge of these excursions: to offer an opportunity to experience the fascination of nature and at the same time gain active support from participants for this wonderful nature reserve. Only offered in German.

Routes: excursions either take place in Val Trupchun (route 1), where many ungulates are found, or along the Nature Trail in the region of the Pass dal Fuorn (route 17). Other routes are possible.

Duration: 6 – 7 hours, including a break at midday.

Access: start and end points can be reached by public transport.
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Price (day walk): CHF 380.-

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Please be aware that your request will only be processed at office hours.