The most direct access is via route 07 (3 h 30 min, 8 km, T2+ according to the SAC hiking scale).
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You can reach the Chamanna Cluozza (1882 m above sea level) in about 3.5 hours from Zernez (1471 m a.s.l.). The hiking route from Zernez railway station first leads through the village in the direction of the Fuorn pass (Ofenpass). On leaving the village, the trail crosses the covered wooden bridge and then leads steadily upwards through colourful meadows and larch-spruce forest. It is a leisurely ascent up to the Sarasin stone, commemorating Paul Sarasin, the co-founder of the Swiss National Park. The route then becomes steeper through the forest and leads to the viewpoint named Fops at about 2120 m a.s.l. This viewpoint offers a fantastic view over the wild Cluozza valley and the mountains nearby. With a telescope, you can see the fossilised dinosaur tracks on a rock face on the Piz dal Diavel. The location is also ideal for observing animals. The descent through dwarf mountain pines, with the trail repeatedly crossing gullies, remind us that heavy precipitation strongly shapes this valley. After crossing the Cluozza stream (bridge) and a short ascent, you finally reach the Chamanna Cluozza.



Three different hiking routes can be taken from the Chamanna Cluozza. All routes are described in detail ►here and are indicated in red on the map below:  
  • Route 08 Murtersattel (3 h 45 min, 7.5 km, T3)
  • Route 03 Fuorcla Val Sassa (7 h 30 min, 17 km, T4)
  • Route 04 Piz Quattervals (5 h ascent, 5 km, T5)

Routes 08 and 03 also serve as approaches to the hut.